So who is this

Claire Kirkham?

Well, hello gorgeous ..

You're here because you want to get to know each other better, so I'll start ..

Clearly I love being all 'arty-farty'. It's really the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my life - ever since I was 5 years old and got in a strop with my mum because her drawing was better than mine.

I studied Art and Design in college and later began my own wedding photography business in London. But my creative needs were only fulfilled when I discovered my enthusiasm for business design - creating fabulous brands and designing beautiful websites that help business owners sell themselves to their target audience.

I love the process of starting a new business and every one of my clients takes me on their own personal business journey. I am their designer but I'm also their sounding board to work out the best marketing strategy for them. 

"Claire is easily distracted
- but she really likes art"

~ Mr Bassett, Teacher Report, 1989 ~

Authentic Selling . Organic Leads . Awesome Design

I believe you don't need expensive, hard sales tactics when your brand is strong and your marketing is focused. By being authentic in your selling, generous with your knowledge and consistent in your presence, your future clients will find you (and then selling part is easy because they have already made the decision to buy from you!)

Are you ready for some snazzy design?

In other news ..


I've been with my hubby since 2003. We lived in London for 10 years before relocating to Salisbury in 2014 for a more rural scene and to start a family. I absolutely LOVE Salisbury!


Our son was born in 2016 and he is my partner in crime. In 2018 I was given the perfect opportunity to both live my dream of starting my own business and be able to home educate my son at the same time. Life is fantastic!

My favourite movie is Jaws, I find comfort in Autumn, I was born on Halloween, I go mental for Christmas, I cook a mean roast dinner, my best holiday was in Mexico and my favourite colour is hot pink (obviously!).

FBD WallPaper.png

Are you thinking about how good we would be together?

You - doing all of your super cool business stuff, and me - doing all of your totally rad and visually creative design-led stuff.

If being creative for your business isn't at the top of your favourite things to do, then this is when our relationship blossoms. One thing we have in common is that we both own a business, so we both know the challenges faced to market our business and get quality leads. The next great thing about us, is that I do the creative design jobs that you don't have the capacity for.


Design is an unavoidable topic for all businesses - it's your branding and logo, your web design, your flyers, your social media, your packaging. It's everything that communicates to your audience on your behalf, when you can't be there in person.

So, now it's your turn .. if you think we will be a great fit, just click the button below and tell me more about you: