Being a Mummy Business Owner

I've always hated working for someone else and since having my son I definitely wanted the freedom to be a stay at home mummy, work when I want and earn what I want - but more importantly: DO what I want.


My son has been my motivation to make my design business work - no matter what - so, for all of the hard work I have put into building my business (and luckily actually having some design skills) I now have the lifestyle I have always wanted:


  • I get paid for doing my lifelong dream

  • I still get to fulfil my purpose and be a full time mum 

  • I earn my own money and contribute to the house

  • I wake up at 8am and weekend blend into the week

My target audience is other women who are mums that want to go into business for themselves, to achieve independence and a fantastic work life balance.

PS it doesn't mean I don't like dads in business or, in fact, people that have decided to live a relaxed and prosperous life by not having children in the first place - so don't feel like you can't reach out, if you like the look of what I do.

So who is this

Claire Kirkham?

Well, hello ..

If you've made it this far, let's get to know each other a bit better .. I'll start -

So, clearly I L.O.V.E being 'arty farty' - it's the only thing that I have ever wanted to do and the only thing that holds my attention. I have two A levels in Art, Design & Photography and in my spare time I draw - mostly dinosaurs for my little boy - and dabble in a DSLR photography (but I used to run my own wedding photography company in London, from 2010 to 2015, until I moved to Salisbury).

I have lived in Salisbury since 2014 and I want to die here. It's a small and beautiful city, surrounded by cows and fields and the people are proper friendly! This place has nurtured some great friendships for me and provided an abundance of business opportunities over the past few years. 

Read the launch of Freaky by Design here.

In other news, I go mental for Christmas, find comfort in Autumn, I was born on Halloween, my favourite movie is Jaws (partly because I was not aloud to watch it as a child) and I adore British bulldogs so much that I used to have a beautiful little flatulent one of my own (RIP Boo, 01.11.2020). I have been with my husband since 2003 - (I know, right??) - and I have a son who is my partner in crime. I am proud to work for myself, for the freedom and achievement it brings - but also to be a great role model for my son and to teach him to do what you love in life. 

"Claire is easily distracted
- but she really likes art"

~ Mr Bassett, Teacher Report, 1989 ~

Are you thinking about how good we would be together?

You - doing all of your super cool business stuff, and me - doing all of your totally rad and visually creative design-led stuff.

If being creative for your business isn't at the top of your favourite things to do, then this is when our relationship blossoms. One thing we have in common is that we both own a business, so we both know the challenges faced to market our business and get quality leads. The next great thing about us, is that I do the creative design jobs that you don't have the capacity for.


Design is an unavoidable topic for all businesses - it's your branding and logo, your web design, your flyers, your social media, your packaging. It's everything that communicates to your audience on your behalf, when you can't be there in person.

So, now it's your turn .. if you think we will be a great fit, just click the button below and tell me more about you:

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