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"When you're authentic in your approach, organic in your marketing and awesome in your design - selling is easy because your ideal client has already decided to buy from you" 

- Claire -

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Hey babe

So, you want to check me out to see what sort of of person I am to work with ..


Well, I'm Claire Kirkham and I bloody love what I do.


And what I do is help people who have a brilliant business idea to look fabulous and live their dream!

I created Freaky by Design so that small business owners can have a) a gorgeous and outstanding brand, b) a beautiful and organised website and c) consistent and strategic social media marketing.


My vibe is energetic, I'm super friendly in my approach, 100% communicative, absolutely committed to each of my clients and I'm genuinely excited about being involved with their business.


I guarantee my clients results that they will love because I include them in my design process every step of the way.  

If you're ready to invest in professional design, please check out the Services I offer here >

"Claire is easily distracted
- but she really likes art"

~ Mr Bassett, Teacher Report, 1989 ~

Working with me

I like to keep things transparent so we both know what to expect from our relationship.

a) I charge upfront for my services, so payment will be needed before we start working together

b) Planning and preparation time is included within my fee

c) I can only move forward with the project once I have everything from you, so if a project is estimated at 4 weeks and it takes you 3 weeks to give me what I need, the project will not be complete within the week.

d) My business requires me to work with many different clients, so that I can guarantee a personal service to each of them I plan my time in advance (please be aware that no-one likes a hog).

e) I will involve you and ask for feedback at every stage of the design process so that there are no nasty surprises for either of us

f) I will always give my professional and honest advice in a constructive way and I will always offer ideas to support your business