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Spectrum Sanitiser

About Spectrum Sanitiser

This is an alcohol free sanitiser solution that can be used on both hands and surfaces, so it's quite unique. This was a newly launched company who needed to promote over social media, grow their audience and generate leads. 

My Challenge

Create a social media graphics and content strategy

Drive traffic to their website for orders

An unspecified target market

Create lead magnets

My Solution

Offer a target market idea and test it

Offer a promotional lead genertor and roll it out

Design graphics and repurpose content from their website

Offer to redesign their website for better user experience and shorter sales funnels

The surprising reason why alcohol isn't
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My results

Targeted local, independent businesses and tried to build relationships 

Suggested discounted offers or free trials on the products as a lead generator

Created strong graphics that encompassed their logo icon

Included relevant links to the website for each post

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How to sanitise an entire room .png
How to wear a mask without it fogging up
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