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About DeWolf Bushcraft

Luke is an ex-first responder in London, with a background in bushcraft and jungle expeditions. After moving to the Lake District he wants to provide blue light service workers who are suffering from PTSD, with a woodland retreat tucked away within the Lake District Mountains. Providing a sanctuary for people needing to use the mountains, woodland and nature as a place to connect, adjust and heal. Where he believes every step is an adventure and compassion, resilience, belonging, empathy and integrity are key.

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My challenge

  • Build a website design to advertise all of the services he will offer

  • Highlight the poor mental health that blue light service workers suffer from

  • Include all of his previous experience and personal story

  • Luke does not want to make money from this but offer free support for those in need

My solution

  • Provide him with a comprehensive website to cover all of the services he offers

  • Display detailed copy of what is included in each service

  • Create a gallery to display his previous exhibition and bush craft experiences

  • Make the site user friendly for dyslexic people

My results

  • Comprehensive website that intuitively separates each of the the genres

  • Detailed description on each service and what is to be expected

  • Showcasing the passion, experience, skills and knowledge he has for the outdoors  

  • Making the overall content clear on what he does and who it is for

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