Social Media Marketing

You want consistent and branded posts that are focused on your ideal client and strategised for success but social media marketing because a) you're too busy, b) you hate it or  c) you don't have the knack.

My social media outsourcing service saves you the time and effort of planning, creating and posting your content.


You want brand aware and consistent social media presence to build your audience and you want your posts to be targeted so they attract your ideal client. You need the content to be focused and inline with your goals and also you want the posts to be strategic to make the best impact for success.

Yo know your business inside out and you have a marketing strategy, so you are the best person to write your content.

But when do you find the time to plan what content you will be posting, stratgeise how this content will go out and create each individual post? .. let alone actually post the content.

And what the heck are you supposed to be posting anyway??

If you have the content but you don't have the time or skill to plan, create and strategize the posts, this is the service for you.

What's included?

Monthly meeting with you to brainstorm and discuss your goal