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We are mindful of putting down iPads, turning off the television and fully immersing ourselves into baking! Come and discover the therapeutic nature of this old craft with us. Laura is a Mummy of two and she is passionate to teach children the traditional tips and techniques passed down to her by her Grandma and own Mother, throughout the generations. This is not about creating a chef experience, more about traditional home-cooked meals and bakes that you can recreate easily in your own home. We can come to your house and bring all the equipment and ingredients or you are warmly welcome to join us at the Old School in Collingbourne Ducis. Our approach is informal, friendly and therapeutic, with an emphasis on fresh local produce, as well as cooking from scratch. 

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My challenge

  • The current website on Wordpress was not user-friendly or offered the features she needed

  • Her marketing materials needed to be coherent with her brand

  • Newsletters were incorporated into her blog posts

My solution

  • Provide a beautiful and comprehensive website to cover all of the services she offers

  • Include al of the features she needs at no extra cost, such as booking facility and newsletters

  • Design marketing materials to represent her brand

  • Separate blog posts from email marketing

My results

  • Comprehensive website that intuitively separates each of the different genres

  • Detailed description on each service and what is to be expected

  • The ability to upload blog posts and send out newsletters from one place  

  • Eye catching and branded marketing materials, including business cards

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