I've been going through some freaky changes recently

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

This is my #BIGPivot which has been 20 years in the making.

In 1995, when I told my small town Careers Advisor that I wanted to be a Graphic Designer - and not a Hairdresser - her little mind was blown. And then she felt her next best move was to give me a pamphlet for the Job Centre.

(Actually, it was a toss up between a Graphic Designer or Marine Biologist - but turns out that I'm terrified of things what live in the ocean, so ... )

And then my mum - being my mum - got me an appointment at the Job Centre for the very next day. Surprisingly, they couldn't help me either.

In the end, I figured out the next step for myself and applied to study Art and Design at my local college. At the end of my interview they asked, 'what would you do, if you were rejected admission for this course?' .. clearly they were fishing - but I genuinely couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do, other than Art. The realisation I might not be able to study Art was a punch in the face and I suddenly felt like I was going to fail at life..

But after a very long pause, laughter erupted and we all high-fived. I got in.

College was amazing and what I learnt - fantastic! I left with 2 merited A-Levels.

But I was still in a town with no creative career opportunities and so when I left college, my parents told me to get a day-job because they couldn't afford to send me to uni.

Then I turned into a Goth for maximum withdrawal.

Fast forward, like, 20 years: I have shed the goth exterior (but it will always be in my heart #MarylinMansonForver!) and have finally reached my dream. Through perseverance, failures, training and retraining, I am now a qualified, professional and experienced Graphic Designer.


Freaky by Design was created from my love of web design, branding, social media and marketing - so if you think I can help you today, please get in touch .. Claire@FreakyByDesign.co.uk | 07515 407 058


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