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Your Business Design Synergy

synergy: the interaction of two or more elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects


This sounds like the world's dullest blog post but I've written this because my passion is to help small Business Owners make sense of how to orchestrate their 4 major marketing elements together.

A lot of my clients come to me for one thing - a brand design, web design or social media marketing - but few of them have an idea of how all of these things are going to work together.

This is where my business is special because I help bring in the flow of your business design.

If you think that your website is one thing, your social media is something else and your brand is what you call your logo - let me show you how they all work as one beautiful song and dance.



This is the foundation of your business design because this represents your business everywhere. You can't really start marketing your business without a strong brand because:

  • It's the one thing that makes you unique and stand out from your competitors

  • Find your niche to hone your design and attract your target market more easily

  • All elements of your brand (colours, fonts, shapes) are well thought out and carefully considered

  • A strong brand makes you memorable and recognisable, every time someone sees your marketing

  • A well thought-out brand visually represents what you do and who you do it for

​See my How to Develop My Brand 101 (including a Brand Style Guide Template) and What Does Your Brand ID Say About You?



This is your biggest marketing tool and will be the embodiment of your brand. This is your piece of the internet where you visually represent your brand and also go into massive detail about what your business does:

  • Use your brand voice / colours / fonts and elements

  • Be specific with your niche to nail your long tail keywords and get found by your target market

  • Explain what you do and give the details of your service, prices and how to book

  • Explain who you do it for and why you are the best person for the job

  • Go in-depth about you as a person, experience and qualifications

  • Explain the story of your business, what your values are and your USP (you are your USP, by the way)

  • Showcase your portfolio, case studies and reviews

  • Offer a lead magnet - paid for and free - to grow your mailing list (warm audience)

  • Keep your warm / hot audience feeling loved by sending newsletters

  • Upload BLOG / PODCASTS / VIDEOS for reputation, SEO and content purposes.

This should be your main online platform, where all of your other marketing leads back to.



This is where you can throw some personality into your brand and get your name out there to reach masses of people. Use engaging content to get your business in front of the right people, grow your online audience and - most - importantly: drive traffic to your website.

  • Make sure all graphics are on brand (colours, fonts, elements, tone of voice)

  • Share what you do, who you do if for and why you are the best, then link back to your website

  • Repurpose snippets from your blog / video / podcast and link back to your website

  • Reach a wider audience (cold audience) by using long tail keywords from your niche

  • Stay in touch with your followers (your warm audience) and update them on your business news

  • Promote launches to your (hot audience) that link back to your website

  • Advertise lead magnets that link back to your website

  • Create landing pages on your website for certain content, so people can see all relevant info on visiting

  • Always invite people to contact you or comment as a Call To Action, encouraging engagement

  • Use Stories to show the more personal side of your business / brand (behind the scenes)

Understand Your Audience and make your content relevant for your target market - think about what they will want to see from you - because if it's not relevant or engaging, it won't matter what hashtags you use or what time of day it is.



This is where you cover all other platforms of marketing with your brand:

  • Use your brand identity (colours, fonts, elements and voice)

  • Make it instantly clear, what you do and who you do it for

  • Design business card, this should include only the Must Haves in Your Card

  • Design an email signature, which will include your logo and contact details

  • Design flyers, which will give key info on what your business does and who for

  • Design a brochure, which will be an abridged version of your website

  • Design email newsletters, which will update your audience on your latest news

  • Design email marketing for promotional campaigns and launches

  • Include links to you website address and social media accounts to drive traffic and grow your audience

Consider creating your marketing materials as digital copies where you can, to save money on printing and also be able to add direct links to your website and social media.



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Claire x



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