Does your 

Website Design 

provide a great user experience and generate leads?

Website Design

I have designed websites since 2010 and I have used different platforms for web building - including Wordpress - but for me, has proven to be most enjoyable, user-friendly and cost-effective. It provides any small business owner with an glossy, customised finish that is set up for SEO and lead generation. My web design service provides you with:


  • Wix website 

  • Domain name connection

  • Bespoke website design for your small business needs

  • All pages and functionality you require, including bookings and payments

  • Intuitive layout and orientation for a great user experience

  • Set up for SEO and lead generation

  • Responsive website design for all devices

  • Blog, newsletter and email marketing included

  • Imagery, look and feel inline with your brand

  • Easy to use dashboard for future maintenance, with basic training

You will need to purchase your domain and subscription to Wix - but I can help you with these.

Turnaround time is estimated at 3-6 weeks.

I do accept payments in instalments 

£499 per project

Social Media Marketing

Posting content consistently and frequently allows you to network, advertise, build trust with and grow your audience. This is organic lead generation, authentic sales. By understanding the 3 different types of audience you are targeting, this will support you in know what sort of content you should be posting. My social media content service includes:

  • Content for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms

  • Scheduled posts up to 5 days per week for one month

  • Call to action for lead generation 

  • Links, hashtags and location for wider visibility

  • Promotion of your service or products benefits and USP

  • Awareness content to grow your audience

  • Consideration content to turn window shoppers into committed buyers

  • Upcoming events and Special Offers advertised

  • 1 blog post article for awareness content and 1 newsletter per month

  • No long term contract terms, with a one month cancellation policy

My social media service starts at the beginning of each month and is payment required is in advance.

I work closely with you to ensure the right type of content is going out.

£149 per month

Brand Identity

Your brand needs to visually represent your business when you can't be there so it needs to be eye-catching to attract new people but it also has to be concise to attract the 'right' people (your ideal client). If you think you're over thinking it - you're probably doing it right but if you need creative assistance my brand identity service provides

  • Support in identifying your unique selling point and ideal client

  • Support in creating a tag line

  • Logo design and consecutive variations

  • Creation of brand colour palette, typography and symbols

  • Brand Style Guide 

  • Full copyrights

My brand ID design projects start at the beginning of each month and is payment required is in advance.

Turnaround time is estimated at 1-2 weeks.

£99 per design

Marketing Materials

The only way to gain more business is to get your brand in front of the right people and there are so many ways we can do this. The important thing is that your brand identity is represented and your content is eye catching, engaging and invites a call to action every time to generate leads. Planning your marketing for the year ahead is crucial to make sure you have fresh content and that you are reactive. My marketing material design service includes:

  • Brochures, flyers, business card and posters

  • Email marketing to your mailing list

  • Newsletters to your mailing list

  • Uploading of blog posts and publishing

  • Digital formats of materials, such as online links or PDF

My marketing design projects start at the beginning of each month and is payment required is in advance.

Turnaround time depends on the size of the individual project.

£29 per project