• Social Media content consultation to get to know your business

  • I advice you on the content I will need to repurpose:

  • Sales content - promotion of services and launches

  • Consideration content - reviews, stats, case studies and news

  • Awareness content - answering potential client questions

  • I create Graphics to accompany your content posts

  • Platforms covered are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn 

  • Scheduled posts up to 5 days per week for one month

  • Links, hashtags and location for wider visibility

  • Personal posts and Stories are not covered

I create the graphics for your posts and decide which content goes out each week, but you are provide me with the content that I need to post.

I work closely with you to ensure the right type of content is going out and you will need to plan your content a month in advance.

My social media service starts at the beginning of each month and  payment is required in advance.

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