Social Media Marketing

Content Repurposing - £149 per month

This is an outsourcing scheduling service for your social media marketing, giving you consistent presence, branded and goal focused posts to mett your marketign strategy and speak to your target market 

Do you want consistent and focused social media marketing, which is bespoke to your brand and marketing strategy?

You are the best person to write content for your business because you know your target market but if you're too busy to post consistently or you're unsure of how to plan your content successfully, you're never going to grow your audience and make sales


My social media marketing service works on a monthly basis where I strategically schedule and repurpose your content up to 5 days a week using your brand voice with bespoke branded graphics for your business. This saves you time, headspace and effort but also keeps your marketing focused and consistent for authentic organic growth.

How it works:

We have a 121 chat at the beginning of the month to discuss and brainstorm your goals and focus

I can advise you on the content I will need from you to repurpose, i.e. Sales, Consideration and Awareness

I will then plan when the content will go out for the upcoming month and design your branded graphics

I then schedule your content up to 5 days per week over Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (if applicable)

The content will be in your brand voice and include a Call to Action, relevant hashtags and location

The benefits to you:

Consistent social media marketing to generate awareness and leads

The content will be focused on your target market and convey your message in your brand voice / image

Your posts will be strategic to support your goal and not adhoc

You will have a clear marketing plan for the month ahead and not post on a random basis with no plan

This is an organic content service which aims to grow and authentic audience over time

My projects start at the beginning of each month | Payment is required in advance | ​Duration is a 4 week period

This is an organic service and therefore does not include paid for ads nor 'guarantees' leads or sales

This service is based on 7 hours work per month:

1 hour for the 121 chat / brainstorm, 1 hour for planning, 5 hours for design and scheduling