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Vortex Coaching

About Vortex Coaching

Shelley runs a business coaching and mentoring blog. ​She has been an Entrepreneur for 10 years and in Business Development for 20 years. Her passion is taking an idea and turning it into reality - the process fascinates her. She, personally, has 3 businesses and each one is a completely different field from the next. During her coaching programs, she will help you on your journey to 'Feck Perfuction' and awaken your business mindset. Business and life can be an overwhelming journey, but it is even more rewarding once you allow yourself to enjoy the process.

My Challenge

Redesign an existing website 

The current website was not using the best design features 

The branding needed to be more coherent

The layout, imagery and copy needed updating

My Solution

Use her logo and social media posts as inspiration for her branding colours

Add some cool design features that will make the website look modern and beautiful

Reword the homepage to showcase what she does and who she does it for

Redesign the Programme page to highlight the courses content

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My results

Intuitive menu system that separates and highlights the coaching programmes

Call to action / Contact button on each page

Brand coherent colours and design features to make a great visual experience

Imagery and rewording of content to showcase her talent, knowledge and benefits