The Best Way to Attract Your Target Market and Get Found Online

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Who doesn't want to find more ideal clients? Who doesn't want to grow their reputation, online audience and mailing list?

But how do you get new people to find you?

To widen your audience and attract more of your target market, you need to create 'Awareness' content. This is the type of content that your target market will search for Google, so the more niche you can be about your long tail keywords, the better.

You need to create the exact type of topic / question / struggle that your target audience will be searching for and you need to use the same language they will use when they type it into Google - so no jargon.

No pressure then.

Are you charging for things you should be giving away for free?

How much of your knowledge you should be giving away for free?


"But surely if I gave everything away for free, no one would hire me?" I hear you say. Well ...

If you think you're nothing without your knowledge, then you don't deserve your business

Stay with me.

It's all about adjusting your mindset: charge for your time, give your knowledge away for free.

No amount of step by step guides or trade secret articles will ever compare to the experience of working with YOU and having your direct involvement to fill in the blanks that your handouts don't. By sharing your knowledge as answers to solving your target markets problems, this will reach a much larger crowd and grow your audience quicker.

You are also demonstrating your skills and experience, so people will trust you much sooner - rather than saying:

'I have the answer to your problem - give me some money and I'll tell you ..'

By sharing your info you are being generous and authentic with your mission to support people.

I know it seems wrong and uncomfortable to give knowledge away - and perhaps you think people won't hire you if they have the info they need, and there will undoubtedly be some people who take the info and walk - but that's OK because it's one more person's life you have touched. They are now part of your warm audience, they are now convinced you are good at what you do and they will recommend you, if not buy from you in the future.

With this in mind ..

Awareness Content Ideas

Here are 17 article / post / video titles that will help you get started to create content that will get you found online - all you have to do is fill in the blanks with relevant topics from your industry. The content you can create here is endless and can equate to numerous posts per month to be added to your website and social media:

How To .. if .. ?

For example:

How to start a business if you have a new born baby

How much does it cost ..?

For example:

How much does it cost to start a business?

Should you .. or ..?

For example:

Should you use a Wix or Wordpress for your web design?

How often should ..?

For example:

How often should I post awareness content on my blog?

The surprising reason ..

For example:

The surprising reason Mums start their own business

The best ..

For example:

The best way to set up your Wix web design from scratch or

The best thing about using quotes on social media or

The best businesses for Mums to go into whilst looking after a child

How long does it take ..?

For example:

How long does it take to design a Wix website?

Why you ..

For example:

Why you need a niche as a small business owner or

Why you should join the Salisbury Mums in Business Facebook Group or

Why you have more than one logo

The best ..

For example:

The best social media platform to be in 2021 or

The best free tool for graphic design or

The best way to network in lockdown

Signs ..

For example:

Signs your client is a time waster or

Signs it's time to start a blog or

Signs Instagram content is not working for you

The real reason ..

For example:

The real reason people hire a Wix web designer

Things not to say ..

For example:

Things not to say when a client gives you negative feedback

The .. questions to ask ..

For example:

The 5 questions to ask your website designer

Should you .. ?

For example:

Should you start a business if you are a Mum?

How can I tell if .. ?

For example:

How can I tell if my current Wix web design is user friendly?

What do I do if .. ?

For example:

What to do if I don't like my brand?

How much does it cost ..?

For example:

How much does it cost to create a logo?

Frequently asked questions from your clients ..

[This one is all you ..]

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