How to Attract Your Target Market

Do you want to have more clients?

"Does the Pope shit in the woods?", I hear you ask ..

"I don't think so", I say, "but enough of that - "

Gaining more clients starts with attracting more of your target market. If you don't keep attracting new clients, you won't have a steady stream of income.

So how do you get more people to find you? You create 'Awareness' content.

This is the type of content that will reach the people who don't know you exist yet (i.e. your 'cold' audience).

It's essentially answering the questions that your target market will search for on Google that relates to your business. The more specific and niche you can be, the better because you know how your ideal client feels and therefore predict things they will search for. Plus niching (being specific) also means you will naturally use longtail keywords in your content, which are important for organic SEO and getting found.

TIP: Don't use industry jargon - talk like an actual person and phrase it exactly as your ideal client would, otherwise your content won't organically get found.

**NICHING is so important for a small business owner because people will find you more easily, as explained above. If I just called myself a 'Web Designer' online, I'd be competing with every web designer in the world**


How to Get Found Online

Once your have answered the top questions your potential clients are asking, put them on your website in a Blog - this will boost your SEO, drive traffic to your site and establish yourself as an expert.

I know it seems wrong and probably uncomfortable to give knowledge away but you will win trust with people much quicker because you are being generous and authentic with your mission to support people.

With this in mind ..


Awareness Content Ideas

Here are 15 post titles that will help you get started to create content that will get you found online. You will need to fill in the gaps because engaging content for your business can only be written by you (or someone who works closely with you).

The content you can create with these title starting points is endless and can equate to numerous blog posts per month on your website and repurposed over social media:

1. How To .. if .. ?

For example:

How to start a business if you have a new born baby

2. How much does it cost ..?

For example:

How much does it cost to start a business?

How much does it cost to create a logo?

3. Should you .. or ..?

For example:

Should you use a Wix or Wordpress for your web design?

4. How often should ..?

For example:

How often should I post awareness content on my blog?

5. The surprising reason ..

For example:

The surprising reason Mums start their own business

6. The best ..

For example:

The best way to set up your Wix web design from scratch or

The best thing about using quotes on social media or

The best businesses for Mums to go into whilst looking after a child

7. How long does it take ..?

For example:

How long does it take to design a Wix website?

8. Why you ..

For example:

Why you need a niche as a small business owner or

Why you should join the Salisbury Mums in Business Facebook Group or

Why you have more than one logo

9. Signs ..

For example:

Signs your client is a time waster or

Signs it's time to start a blog or

Signs Instagram content is not working for you

10. The real reason ..

For example:

The real reason people hire a Wix web designer

11. Things not to say ..

For example:

Things not to say when a client gives you negative feedback

12. The .. questions to ask ..

For example:

The 5 questions to ask your website designer

13. Should you .. if .. ?

For example:

Should you start a business if you are a Mum?

14. How can I tell if .. ?

For example:

How can I tell if my current Wix web design is user friendly?

15. What do I do if .. ?

For example:

What to do if I don't like my brand?

Remember that people need to have contact with you a number of times before they buy from you - and sometimes it can take a year from someone hearing about you, to buying from you - so get started now on your Awareness content and start reaching new people today.

Big kisses

Claire x