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What should you expect?


I like to keep things transparent, so I can manage your expectations, therefore here are a few Good to Knows ..

  • I charge upfront for my services, so payment will be needed before we start working together.

  • Planning and preparation time is included within my fee.

  • I can only move forward with the project once I have everything from you, so if a project is estimated at 4 weeks and it takes you 3 weeks to give me what I need, the project will not be complete within 1 week.

  • My business requires me to work with many different clients, so that I can guarantee a personal service to each of them, I plan my time in advance.

  • I will involve you and ask for feedback at every stage of the design process so that there are no nasty surprises for either of us.

  • I will always give my professional and honest advice in a constructive way and I will always offer ideas to support your business.

  • I prefer to be contacted by email - rather than Messenger/ WhapsApp - and if you have lots to say, please keep it all in one email. I will respond within 24 hours.

  • Telephone calls can be arranged between 9.30am - 6pm, Mon - Thu, but Zoom chats are preferably between 2-5pm, Tue - Thu

Thank you!!


My Individual Project Business Terms & Processes

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Wix Website Design

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Website Consultancy

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Wix Website Redesign

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Logo & Brand Design

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Website & Brand Design 

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Social Media Marketing

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