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Wix Web Design Consultancy

  • Once the invoice is sent you have committed to the project and payment is required

  • Payment is required in advance, before the one to one takes place

  • If you terminate the project at any stage after the invoice has been sent, full payment will still be due

  • You are buying my time, therefore all payments are non refundable because I will put the time aside for your project, therefore turn down other work, so that I can give you the best possible service

  • Turnaround time is estimated 1 week, however this will depend on your response time 

  • The project will follow my workflow process but if we need to go back a stage at any part of the Process, this may incur extra charges at my hourly rate of £50 per hour

  • The consultancy will look at: 

- Content layout / menu

- Your branding / vibe

- Features and functionality

- Lead generation

- SEO and mobile responsive

  • This project focuses on the practical / technical side of your design and not the look / aesthetics 

  • The project concludes once the report of suggested actions has been emailed

  • I am here if you ever have any questions or concerns, at every stage of the project and welcome open communication

The Project Process


Pre Consultation Questionnaire to get to know you and your business

We will arrange a convenient time to have our one to one over Zoom


The 40 mins one to one over Zoom to discuss:

10 mins - the feedback from your Questionnaire

20 mins - brainstorming and discussing solutions to upgrade your web design

10 mins - round up and any questions on what we have discussed


I will send a bespoke report, detailing my suggested changes / updates for you to implement on your web design, based on what was discussed in our one to one

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