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Wix Web Redesign

  • Once the invoice is sent you have committed to the project and payment is required

  • Payment is required in advance, before the Consultation takes place

  • If you are paying in instalments, each payment will be expected every 4 weeks, regardless if the design is finished

  • If you terminate the project at any stage after the invoice has been sent, full payment will still be due

  • You are buying my time, not the design, therefore all payments are non refundable because I will put the time aside for your project, therefore turn down other work, so that I can give you the best possible service

  • Turnaround time is estimated 4 weeks, however this will depend on your response time 

  • My fees are a flat rate and will include everything detailed in the email confirmation of the project summary, which will be sent after the Consultation

  • This is a redesign of your current website content, with the optional addition of 1 page

  • The project will follow my workflow process but if we need to go back a stage at any part of the Process, this may incur extra charges at my hourly rate of £50 per hour

  • The project allows for 2 sets of revisions to the design

  • You will need to provide / give me access to all written content and imagery

  • You will need to have a live Wix website with domain and hosting subscription to Wix 

  • I will work from a duplicate of your website, within your Wix dashboard, therefore I will need access to your Wix account

  • I will transfer your Wix subscription and domain to the new design when you are ready to go live

  • The project concludes after your new website is published

  • I request an acknowledgment of my business with a link to my website in your footer, on the final design

  • Your website will be set up for SEO but it doesn't stop there - SEO is an ongoing feature that you will need to invest time and / or money in to continuously make your SEO work for your business

  • I am here if you ever have any questions or concerns, at every stage of the project and welcome open communication and I will do my very best to manage your expectations and include you in the design process

The Project Process


Consultation to review your current web design (i.e. layout, content, branding and functionality)

Written Confirmation will be sent via email, outlining the project 

I will access your Wix account with your log in details and duplicate your site

You have a couple of weeks to collate any additional content agreed


The Homepage design and website layout will be sent to you within 2 weeks for your feedback

You will then send over any additional content

REVISION 1: You will send your thoughts on the design so far, in one email

(happy to also have a chat, if you need it)


I will implement any updates from your feedback

I will then populate the rest of the website with your content and send to you for final feedback

REVISION 2: You will send your final thoughts on the design, in one email

(happy to also have a chat, if you need it)



I will implement any final updates from your feedback

I will set your site up for mobile devices

I will send the final design for your confirmation


I will transfer your Wix subscription and domain to your new site to make live

I will set your site up for SEO and help you connect to Google

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