A Website Should Cost £2000

So, I saw an interesting comment on Facebook from someone who is looking for a web designer - she was told to expect to pay between 2-5k for her site. But then she found someone charging [only] £500 - they ticked all the right boxes and said all the right things but the pricing made her suspicious of 'why they were so cheap'.


I charge £499 for my web designs. So I had to respond.

Web Design covers a broad spectrum of skillset and development time. To say all websites should cost £2000 is nonsense. Agencies will cost more than freelancers. Designers who write the site from scratch will cost more than those who use no code tools.

My first web design project cost £10,000, 10 years ago. My next project cost £1,500. And the next one was free because I did it myself.

I know developers who charge £99 for a web design.

Ask yourself - what skillset are you expecting from your designer and who have you approached to design it? ..

I use a drag and drop platform (because coding bores me), so my skills are purely design and the turnover is quick. My pricing also suits my clientele. For now, I'm happy and confident with what I am charging.

As a business owner, I know that pricing is always a headache - but I hope this helps anyone trying to justify the cost of a web design.


My Wix Web Design service is a flat rate of £499 and I do accept this in instalments.

Once the design is finished, you will need to budget either your monthly or annual subscription to Wix, for the lifetime of your site. This is so they can host your site and starts around £8.50 per month, depending on the facilities you would like, i.e. accepting payments, space, etc.

Big hugs



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