Create a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Creating an annual marketing plan is the ONLY way to run a great business!

So if you're a Business Owner, you're gonna wanna read this - but first, let's kill your hesitations.

HELP! I can't create a plan because I have no idea what I'm doing in 2021

Exactly. ​If you don't know what you will be doing throughout 2021, it's because you don't have a plan. So this is a perfect time to block out some time in your diary ASAFP, grab a glass of whatever and get planning.

Why should I make a plan for the year ahead?

Planning ahead means:

  • You know what your business will be doing month to month (and not taking each month as it comes)

  • You will be proactive instead of reactive (and not prompting things too late)

  • You will know where your business will be in 12 months (and that you plan to be around that long!)

  • You can anticipate the quieter months (and keep your business going during this time)

Your plan can obviously be flexible and reactive to whatever unexpected thing happens - and this is all about being a great opportunistic and resourceful Business Owner.

I sell the same product all year round, so there's no need to plan!

If you think your business is the same throughout the year and just ticks over - sorry, but no! You can't keep promoting the SAME message everyday, each month because your target market won't be feeling the same or doing the same things all year round. Plus that's just boring for you and us.

You need fresh and regular content to stay relevant for your audience, as well as give others a chance to find you and buy from you.

What should I include in my Marketing Plan for 2021?

The sort of things you could plan for are:

  • New service or product launch

  • Introduce a new media, such as a training course, an eBook or podcast, for example

  • All promotional campaigns, such as offers and discounts

  • Blog, newsletter and social media content for each month

What will your Ideal Client be doing throughout the year - you know them best?

What things should I consider when I am planning my marketing for 2021?

We are creatures of habit, so think about what your target market will be doing throughout the year and how can your business support them. Things to consider when planning your content:

  • How do the Seasons affect your target market (Summer = holidays, Winter = hibernation, etc)

  • Ebb and flow of your industry (when will you be quieter and what can you do during this time?)

  • Awareness dates (engage with your target audience on dates that are relevant to you)

  • Industry key dates and high seasons

  • Your businesses key dates and events, such as anniversary


How Does It Work?

Tackle the year by breaking it down into chunks: break the year into quarters, quarters into months and months into days.

(Then days into hours, if you are really brave)

And listen, you don't have to write your entire year down to the very hour right now - just get an idea of what's happening in each quarter and then have the monthly details sorted, two quarters in advance and the daily details before you start each month.

1. Break your year into quarters and list 2-3 main things in each quarter that you will do and focus on

2. Break each month down into days and list what you will do in each day to fulfil your monthly plan

3. Break each quarter into 3 months and list what you will do in each month to fulfil your quarterly plan


Marketing Planner 20201 - free download

Please download my free Marketing Planner 2021 template here .. this one is on me.

Download PDF • 42KB

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