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Make sure you don't look like a psycho

Using a professional Brand Photographer is always the best choice when creating personalised imagery for your business - but if you're on a budget, a selfie can be an acceptable, cost effective and easy option.

However, you have to get it right otherwise you'll create a terrible first impression.

Here are 5 steps on how to create a great impression online and take a quality headshot ..


But first!

TOP TIP: DO NOT rehash any old photo from your camera roll, i.e. no groups shots, bog shots, cropped shots, filters, 'on a night out', one from 10 years ago or distance shots⠀


Here's how to take a good head shot at home by yourself in 5 easy steps:⠀


Set up your phone / camera with a timer (so you aren't holding your phone / camera when the shot is taken)


Use a plain background (preferably light in colour)⠀


Natural and neutral lighting on your face (not too dark or bright to reduce shadows and glare)⠀


Make yourself presentable (and wear something that reflects your branding)⠀


Relax your pose and give a friendly smile (not too many teeth)⠀


The aim is to look professional and approachable.

And by 'professional' I mean a photograph of you taken specifically for you to use in your business - remember that everything about your business creates an impression for other people, so a selfie of you taken for your personal Insta account probably isn't going to be the same as one you do for your business.

You can then use this over your social media profiles, website, email marketing, blog posts and marketing materials (although I recommend NOT adding it to your business card design - see my Business Card 'Must-Haves' for simplicity)



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Claire x



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