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Make sure you don't look like a psycho

Create a great impression online with a professional profile picture. Here are my tips on how to take a headshot

Brand photography is always the best choice but if you are on a budget, a selfie can be an acceptable option because it's cost effective and easy.


My professional head shot tips to create a great profile picture

TIP: don't rehash any old photo from your camera roll (i.e. no groups shots, bog shots, cropped shots, filters, 'on a night out', one from 10 years ago or distance shots)⠀

Here's how to take a good head shot at home by yourself:⠀

- Use a plain background (preferably light in colour)⠀

- Natural and neutral lighting (not too dark or bright to reduce shadows and glare)⠀

- Make yourself presentable (hair brushed and wearing something nice)⠀

- Give a friendly smile (not too many teeth)⠀

The aim is to look professional and approachable 👍 (and by 'professional' I mean a photograph of you taken specifically for you to use in your business - remember that everything about your business creates an impression for other people, so a profile pic where you look weird isn't creating a great impression).⠀

You can then use this over your social media profiles, website, email marketing, blog posts and marketing materials (although I recommend NOT adding it to your business card design - see my Business Card 'Must-Haves' for simplicity)

Big kisses


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