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6 Great Reasons Not to Hire Me

Obviously I'm always looking out for my ideal client (someone who loves what I have to offer and wants to pay me for it).

So, if you've been checking me out from the shadows still unsure if you need my help, here are 6 great reasons NOT to hire me:

1. You already have a gorgeous and strong brand that you love and is unique to you

2. You already have a beautiful and organised Wix website that serves your customers well

3. You don't want to use because you're convinced your current platform is the best

4. You have the creative skills to do the design work yourself and make your marketing amazing

5. You have the time to learn how to create and build your brand and website by yourself

6. You don't want to invest in professional design for your business


But if you are ready to invest in professional design to save you time and effort get in touch with me for a gorgeous brand and / or a beautiful Wix web design.

Big kisses,

Claire xx



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Claire x

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