Should I put prices on my website?

This is a debate I often have with small business owners: Should you put prices on your website?

YES! Dammit. Yes.

I get it - you're nervous about your prices. You have 'imposter syndrome' or whatever. You're like, 'I'm a fraud! Who am I to be charging this much money?'

So you feel if you hide your prices then it's a safe compromise.

It's true that how much something costs is the deal breaker for your potential clients. But if you don't put prices on your website you are damaging your business because you're not making it easy for people to buy from you.



When you start a business you must be sure that there are enough people out there who want what you offer and are willing to pay you for it. If you know this, then charging your worth is not an issue.


Prices on

a) If someone sees your prices and they think you are too expensive - great! They can't afford you so they aren't your ideal client - let them go.

b) If someone sees your prices and they think you are affordable - great! They can pay what you are worth and are your ideal client - the next call they make will be to buy from you.

Prices off

a) If someone doesn't see prices on your website and they call you to find out, you need to have that awkward conversation and potentially waste your time and theirs because they can't afford you. Or worse, you might reduce your prices or jump to a negotiation in a panic.

b) But more importantly - if your ideal client (someone who could afford you) doesn't see prices on your website they may never enquire because they either assume you are too expensive or they can't be arsed to jump through hoops in finding out how much you charge.

Do yourself a favour: be transparent, cut out the time wasting and have the confidence that if some people are turned off because of your prices - it's a GOOD THING.

TOP TIP on Displaying your Prices:

By all means make your prices the last thing people see, after giving them all of the value of your service or product - but do give them your prices.


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