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How to Run a Business with the Kids at Home

I've heard that having kids around during the holidays makes it harder to balance work and play, which can make running a business a BIT stressful.

Well, I home educate my son and run my own business, so juggling my time and not going insane is something I navigate everyday, therefore I SURELY I might have a few pearls I can throw your way?

I've been doing this a while and there's ALOT I could cover but for the sake of starting somewhere, hopefully these 7 tips could be of use to you:

1. Co-exist

Remember that you all need to live in the same house so everyone needs to find their strengths and work as a team. Pick your battles, give each other space and help each other out.

2. Age Appropriate

If you're child goes to school they can definitely get their own snacks and drinks, so stop spending every 5 minutes of the day doing this for them. There are also small household chores that they can (should) be doing - just don't expect it to to be done to your standards!

3. Balance

Your children probably aren't used to you working whilst they are around, so explain that for you to be able to have fun together, you also need to work. Life is about balance. Make it clear each day the hours you will be working and when you will be having fun together.

4. Acceptance

I’m known for taking Henri with me wherever I go, including work meetings. And he’ll probably be there on a Zoom or phone call too. I'm a mum / business owner, it's who I am. So don't stress or apologise if your children are around when you're working.

5. Decompress

Don’t feel pressured into planning something everyday and #MakingMemories for social media. It’s ok for your children to just stay at home and chill in their safe space.

6. Entertained

These are my recommended resources for activities to keep your child engaged and entertained whilst you're working:

- Orchard games - Twinkl - BBC Bitesize - The Works shop (in Salisbury and Online) - Magazines / Activity books / Colouring books

I also find it helps having a desk space for Henri in my office, so we can still be together but get on with our own thing.

I hope I haven't been patronising! And I really hope some of this helps .. if you have any questions about being a parent / business owner DM me ..



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Claire x


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