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Niching. The Easy Way


Do you roll your eyes when someone says that you have to find your niche? It's probably just easier to sit there and pretend that you don't really need one.

We all have a niche and I'm going to show you how I found mine AND how you can find yours ..

The easy way.


Should you niche by your Business or by your Target Market?

Some people define their niche by their target market and what type of people they serve. Others define their niche by their business and what they offer. It's chicken and the egg because you can't have one without the other.

My advice is to define your niche by your business, not your target market.

This way you're running your business how you want to run - not how other people want you to run it. Define your business and then find out if there is a market for it (i.e. are there enough people out there who will pay you for what you are offering?). This will then give you your 'niche' target market.

Does this make sense?

Niching takes time. Hone your business bit by bit, testing the water to make sure there is a market for it.


TOP TIP: Don't Niche for the sake of it!

Your niche will become more defined over time: the more you work, the more you can specialise in what it is your business offers and if there is a market for it.


Start to Niche Today

But you can start to niche your business today by defining it in the following categories:

  1. Category - what industry

  2. Sub Category - categorise yourself within your industry

  3. Location - do you have a physical address or are you online (worldwide)

  4. Audience - what demographic of people (age, gender, location)

  5. Price - are you budget or high end

  6. Quality - are you no frills or do you check every last detail

  7. Values - what political, ethical and religious view points relate to your business

  8. Personality - what are you like as a person, what is your vibe and attributes

You are now left with the beginning of your niche. Yay.


My Niche Journey

I began niching my business in October 2020 and it's still a work in progress, but here is how it went:


I am a Web Designer.

Sub Category:

I specifically design Wix websites.


I work with people within my local area of Salisbury because it's great for networking and referrals.


I work with local Business Owners who are self-employed.


I work with start ups so I make sure I am affordable by offering payment instalments.


I work with my clients on a bespoke level to give a quality service and a website that is unique to them.


I have a strict work / family balance, so I attract people with the same ethos.


I'm funky, positive, friendly and honest, so I like this to come through in my language and branding.

My niche / headline:

Wix web designer, working with local self-employed Business Owners, looking for a personalised and unique website, with a warm and friendly approach.

It's Ok. It could be more niche but it's a start and it's working. I'm known for Wix web design, so I only get Wix website enquiries. I appeal to women and I've created a little network of mums in my local area who recommend me because of the 121 service I offer.


Your Niching Vibe: Your Brand

Your brand should be the epitome of your niche because your brand visually represents your business:

  • what it does

  • who it does it for

  • the thing that makes it unique (i.e. you)

When I niched my business it made sense to rename and rebrand.

I used to have a dull as dishwater brand because I cared about what other people thought and therefore I played it safe.

But that meant I blended in and appealed to no one in particular.

So I created a brand for me. I wanted it to be funky and I wanted to make my design personal to the things I loved and not what other people didn't like. I have a bold and vibrant colour palette with a name that people remember. I also chose a strong icon of an octopus - all of this isn't everyone cup of tea - but it's my cup of tea, so that's what matters. I now have an honest approach to my content writing and use a familiar tone with a positive / energetic vibe.

People recognise it, remember it and trust it. And it works.



When you niche you become special (and who doesn't want to be special?). You become known for something and the 'Go To' for specific group of people.

So ask yourself - what do you want to be known for?



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Claire x

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