How To Sell To Your Audience

Did you know that your audience (i.e. target market) is made up of 3 types of people? Therefore your marketing needs to cover 3 types of content so that you can properly sell to the whole of your target market.

Or you could just post any old thing and see.


Your Three Types Audience Explained

HOT Audience

Those who know, like and trust you (i.e. your current and previous clients, friends and family). These guys will take very little convincing buying from you, if they needed what you've got, so you can shower them with sales posts and they will love you for it.

Type of Content:

Sales content, such as promotions, campaigns, launches and offers

Conversion time: 0-30 days


WARM Audience

Those who know and like you but haven't yet committed to buying from you (i.e. your subscribers, followers and mailing list). These are the guys who need a bit more convincing to build that trust, so you need to provide them with consideration content, to win them over. But these are also the guys that, although they may not have bought from you, they still know and like you, so they could end up recommending you to people they know.

Type of Content:

Consideration content, such as reviews, portfolio, products, case studies, demos, lead magnets etc

Conversion time: 30 + days


COLD Audience

Those who have no idea that you exist yet (i.e. the rest of your target market who you are yet to find you). These are the guys you need to get your business in front of them and make it as easy as possible for them to find you through awareness content. Write blog posts that answer specific questions your target market will be asking - most importantly make sure your content uses long tail keywords for SEO to get found on Google.

Type of Content:

Awareness content, such as blog / podcasts / webinars that answer specific questions for your target market to get found and assert your knowledge in your unique way

Conversion time: 90 + days (expect up to one year)


What does this tell us?

So this tells us that when we have a HOT audience we can sell more easily than if we are starting from scratch and have only a COLD audience. (i.e. no one at all).

And if you are feeling a dip in business or if you are launching a new service or product, approaching your hot or warm audience will be the first thing you should be doing.

MARKETING TIP: continuously grow your mailing list, which is your WARM audience, to make selling easier in the long run.


How to Approach Each Audience and Market your Business

Hot Audience (one to one)

Direct emails, phone calls, meetings, texts and WhatsApp

Warm Audience (one to one or one to many)

High value social media content, email marketing, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, lead magnets, speaking, press, re-targeted ads

Cold Audience (one to many)

High value social media content, blog posts, podcasts, networking, email marketing, guest content, speaking, books / publications, Google / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn ads


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