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Planning A Successful Launch in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Whatever you are launching (i.e. a new business, product, service, course, promotion or book), you have to plan for it to give yourself the chance to be successful.

If a launch hasn't been successful it's not because what you're offering is rubbish - well, it might be but that's a different conversation - it's more likely because you've missed the principles of planning a launch:

  • Know your target market

  • Know you target sales

  • Know your timeline

  • Know your marketing content

But before you launch anything you need to know that there's a market for it, so test the water - see what people want and what you like to do because at the end of the day it's got to make you money.

Now let's look at planning your launch.


5 .. Understand who you are selling to

Perhaps you're curious how some people manage to launch something with instant success? Well a successful launch is all about knowing if you've got the audience for it because:

  • a HOT audience (current clients) will buy from you within 0 - 30 days

  • a WARM audience (subscribers) will by from you 30 + days

  • a COLD audience (people how don't know you exist) will buy from you 90 + days

So can you see why, if you don't have an audience you can't turn up on day one and expect to sell anything in less that 90 days. It can actually take up to one year from someone finding you to buying from you - but now I'm going to give you pearls on how you can potentially speed this process up.

How to Make Sales Within 30 Days of Launching

People who launch anything and make sales within weeks of launching, only do it because they have the audience for it. It's that straight forward. So when you compare yourself to another person who has successfully launched something, please review their situation before you beat yourself up.


4 .. Now you need to ask yourself:

  • What am I selling?

  • How many do I want to sell?

  • Do I have enough people in my audience?

REMEMBER: the average online conversion for sales is 1-2 % so you will need to have enough people to sell the amount you want to sell.


3 .. What does this mean for your planning?

There are three stages to a launch timeline:

Stage 1 - grow your mailing list / audience (3 months minimum)

Create awareness with valuable content in blog posts, podcasts, social media and dedicated lead magnets

Stage 2 - pre-launch (6 weeks)

Warm up your audience with social media posts, one to many email campaign, early bird offer and adverts

Stage 3 - launch

.. and get ready to sell within 30 days with one to one email campaign, adverts and social media posts

Decide which stages do you need to plan for:

  • If you are launching something you don't have an audience for, you will need to do all three stages

  • If you are launching to your warm audience, you might only need to do the second two stages

  • If you are launching to your hot audience, you can just sell - no need for stage one or two


2 .. Your Marketing Checklist

Content for dedicated LANDING PAGE on your website:

  • Name of your launch

  • What it is you are launching

  • What's involved - the features

  • Who is it for

  • What is the outcome - the benefits

  • Duration (if applicable)

  • Price

  • How to buy or

  • Wait list sign up (if applicable)

Content for your digital online marketing:

  • Create a dedicated lead magnet with a separate landing page, content as above

  • Create pre-launch / early bird offer

  • Create dedicated email campaign for one to many

  • Create dedicated email campaign for one to one

  • Set up auto respond email, thanking people for signing up

  • Set up payment / booking page on your website (if applicable)

  • Create social media advert graphics and content

  • Create social media value post graphics and content

  • Create value content for blog posts / podcasts


1 .. GO!

Now get to it.



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Claire x


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