How to Sell Your Online Course

Updated: May 19

Do you have an online course or service to launch? A lot of my clients are realising the benefits of adding these to their website as another money stream, whilst utilising their knowledge and experience.

Successful selling is all about knowing whether there is a market for what you are offering - it may sound obvious but sometimes you might not be giving your target market what they really want. Offering a Power Hour, based on the subject of your course or service, is a really great way to speak to your target market on a one-to-one basis because you can use it as market research and find out where their struggles are (and you will get paid for it!).

When you confirm you have a market, you need to figure out if this is a hot, warm or cold audience:

  • a HOT audience (current clients) will buy from you within 0 - 30 days