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Why do I need a Lead Magnet on my website?

Having a Lead Magnet on your website:

  • gives you authentic new leads of people who will likely buy from you in the future

  • grows your business quicker, than just by selling your core service or product alone

  • start you earning extra money from your business

  • drives traffic to your website

If you don't have any Lead Magnets in your marketing strategy you're missing a trick.

Lead magnets work for both you and your target market:

  • You get to grow your mailing list of a warm audience

  • They get have a teaser of what you offer before they fully commit to buying from you


Lead Magnets Ideas

Here are some Lead Magnets ideas that you should offer on your website:


Having a blog on your website will increase your SEO and drive traffic to your site. The content which you write about has to be specific to your target market and about topics they will find interesting. Always ask people to subscribe to your blog / newsletter as a great freebie lead magnet.

If you are generous with your knowledge, having your monthly posts of free advice, tips and expertise fall into their inbox each month will show them that if this is the type of stuff you give away for free, what amazing things do you charge for?


Add a Power Hour to your list of services and invite your target market to pick your brains. Offer a one to one call, chatting about a specific problem that your target audience has. How amazing would it be, if you could chat to a professional so you can solve a specific problem, on a one to one basis?

FYI: These can start from £99. So I'm just going to highlight that if you booked 10 of these in one month, that's £990 extra in your pocket for just 10 hours work. You're welcome.


Save your target audience the time and hassle by creating guidance templates and checklists for them to download from your website, so they leave their email address with you to receive the downloads. They will be grateful for the time you have saved them and for the expert list of things that they probably haven't thought about themselves.


Create a step by step guide on 'How To', 'Top 5' or 'The Best' on any aspect of your business. This will be a great evergreen money earner - but remember to keep it up to date. Pop it on the Homepage of your website for people to purchase easily.

Top Tip: Create a separate landing age for this, so you can advertise it over social media and in your email signature.


Put together a visual step by step process on how to do a specific thing, physically showing your target audience how they can achieve something cool. Again a really, great download to have on your Homepage.


Simple FOMO offers, such as '50% off your first order - ends in 2 weeks, get it now!' or 'FREE trial period - ends in 7 days' are eye-catching campaigns and a great excuse to hook in your target market and allow them to 'try you out'. Make sure it's time sensitive and the offer is great. If it stings your ego to sell yourself short, remember the guys that take up this offer will be hot leads to upsell to for full price and leave you a great review / future recommendations.

Top Tip: Create a separate landing age for this, so you can advertise it over social media and in your email signature.


Set a challenge that is related to the service you offer - this is a fun way of engaging and clever way of getting people interested in what you do. Advertise over social media but run this as an email marketing, so create a landing page on your website providing all of the details of the challenge and a place for people to sign up. Then email them everyday of the challenge.

The point is to get people to leave you their contact details in exchange for your a tasty piece of what you offer.


Making money from your Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets can be free but I recommend most should be for a price - when people invest they will respect you and the content more - plus it means they are serious about spending money with you.

If they spend a little now, they will consider spending more in the future, as long as your content has been specific to their needs.

How much you charge and what you offer will depend on the return of investment. For example, if you have a 5 minute video that tells your target market on how to double their monthly profits, this will probably be more than a 100 page PDF that doesn't give much away.


What should my Lead Magnet be about?

Be relevant in what you are offering to grow and authentic list of leads. For example, offering £1000 to the lucky prize draw winner means anyone and everyone will hand over their details to you. Make the content relevant to your business and specific to the needs of your target market.

A successful lead magnet should solve a specific problem for your target market, so you need to get down and dirty with them to find out what they really need (and actually the Power Hour is a really great source for speaking with your ideal client and learning their real pain points, so you can go on to create a variety of lead magnet material)


The Upsell

The point of the Lead Magnet is to offer your target market a taster / teaser of what it is you can do for them. People need to know, like and trust us before they buy, so once a lead magnet has been snapped up, follow this is up by offering the next level of your service.


Why do I need Mailing List?

Your target market is split into 3 categories, hot, warm and cold. The more people you can get into your warm audience, the more people you can convert into lovers (your hot audience / the people that buy from you).

The definition of your warm audience are people that engage with and follow you but haven't yet bought from you. You grow your mailing list which is basically a list of your warm audience that will most likely buy from you in the future - which is everything to a business.

Remember you don't own your social media accounts, nor any of the data on your social media accounts. So if they blocked your account tomorrow (and it does happen) all of your lovely followers are gone.

Followers don't equate to Buyers!

Social media Likes and Follows are a false economy. Just because someone Likes your page or post it doesn't mean they will buy from you. People who have invested time and money by leaving you their details and giving you their money are more likely going to spend with you in the future.



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Claire x


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