This is why my first business failed ..

In 2011 I quit my office job and started a business as a Wedding Photographer.

I did all the right things every serious Business Owner should:

  • I retrained and got qualified in digital photography

  • I did a couple of family weddings for free, so I got experience and made a portfolio

  • I wrote a 10 page business plan and created a Limited company

  • I built a website, a blog, a Facebook page and an Instagram account

  • I advertised my business in magazines and online directories and exhibited at wedding fairs

I did everything I was supposed to.

But after 5 years it wasn't going well:

  • I wasn't getting organic enquiries and I struggled to find clients

  • I wasn't making enough money so I needed a part time job to prop up my income

  • I had no confidence in my work and I had imposter syndrome

I ended the business in 2016 when my son was born and vowed never to run my own business again because - for all the effort I put in - I clearly wasn't very good at it.


Today I am self employed and I run a successful web design business. I set the business up in October 2020 and it has been going from strength to strength for 12 months.

So this is why my first business didn't succeed:

  • I didn't have a strong brand, so I didn't stand out and my marketing wasn't memorable

  • I didn't define my niche, so I blended in with all the other wedding photographers and their marketing

  • I didn't have a content strategy, so my marketing wasn't focused or with purpose making it pointless

  • I didn't sell the benefits of my service, so I didn't connect with my target market (if I knew who they were)

  • I didn't have my own values, I copied my competitors marketing rather than making my business my own

  • I didn't have a vibe or add any of my own personality to my marketing, which meant it wasn't unique

I ticked off the practicalities of running a business, like qualifications, experience, business plan, website etc - but I didn't understand or know how to market myself properly.


My current business benefits from:


A very bold, unique and recognisable brand that has a positive and funky vibe and I'm not afraid to be me in my marketing content (I use my kind of language and give my opinions)


I sell Business to Business, which I have found is much easier than selling Business to Personal because I can network more easily with other businesses and they understand it's an investment into their business.

Target Market

I work with other ladies (mostly mums) who are running a small business or starting a small business, in the Salisbury area, so it's easy to find them, connect with them, work with them and get recommendation or referrals.

Sexy Selling Point

I sell the benefits of my services, rather than trying to relate to people pain points or selling the features of my service. And I've found the balance I need to create the right message.


My Basic Marketing Advice

This is my basic marketing advice to you ..

  • Create a strong and unique brand that is personal to you and create your business vibe

  • Define your niche and decide what you want to offer and then who you want to work with

  • Run your business the way you want to, with your values and put this in your message

  • Make sure you website and social media all work together - not as separate entities

  • Be consistent with your social media and have a goal / purpose with your content

  • Sell the benefits of your business, not just your features

But if you would like further support, please get in touch to discuss x



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