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Why did you start your own business?

What's your 'why', babe? ..

You have to be pretty motivated to start a business, so what gave you the guts to get off your bum and go self-employed?

For me, it was this guy.

In 2015 I made room for him in my body and then I made room for him in my life .. I gave up eating, sleeping and going to the loo just to be with him.

And when it was time for me to go back to work, we knew it had to fit in with our new life style. Not the other way around.

I needed flexible working hours, a decent income and it had to be something I loved doing. Employment was never going to give me this, so I started a business.

It felt like I was asking a bit too much from life when I started this journey but now I'm loving the life I dreamed of 3 years ago ..

Becoming a mum pushed me as a person to new heights I didn't know I had in me and now the freedom and confidence I have from my accomplishments are massive.

It doesn't feel like work, I never miss out on one second of my son's life and the money I earn from my business contributes towards the household bills.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

What's your story? ..



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Claire x


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