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Social Media Content Checklist

Planning you social media strategy for the month ahead is a great way to focus your content, get organised and stay consistent. This is a checklist of things to prepare you so you can have a clear visions about what it is you are doing this for and what message you want to achieve.

You will need a strong brand and a target market / niche.

Let's begin ..


Social Media Marketing Checklist for the month ahead

TIP: quality over quantity - make sure every post tells your audience either:

what you do and how much it costs

what other people think about your service / product

1. GOAL - what is you goal for this month? For example, is it to grow your mailing list, sell a specific service, launch a new product, offer / promo or do an awareness campaign

2. POST TIMES - how many days a week and at what times can you commit to for consistency? How often you post doesn't matter - consistency matters.

3. SALES CONTENT - Hot Audience

(current clients - people who already know, like and trust you)

  • Sales posts about your service

  • What you do

  • Who you do it for

  • Why you are the best

  • How much you cost

  • Promotions, offers and launches


(subscribers - people who know and like you but haven't committed to buy from you)

  • Portfolio and latest work

  • Reviews

  • Case studies

  • Anecdotes

  • Stats on your business success

  • Latest business news, promotions and launches

  • Lead Magnets and Power Hours

5. AWARENESS CONTENT - Cold Audience

(everyone else - the rest of your target market who don't know you exist)

This content is all about SEO / longtail keywords and answering the specific pain point questions of your target market. This is about doing at least one of:

  • Blog posts

  • Podcasts

  • Videos

Check out my blog post on How To Attract Your Target Market for blog / podcast / video title ideas ..

Knowing your audience, niching down and using the language that your target market would use is essential to getting found online, creating content they want to see and growing your audience.


You have to come across as an actual human being. People buy from people and YOU are the 'U'SP in your business, so putting your face to your brand will make you more more relatable and trust worthy.

It doesn't mean you have to share super personal stuff and the good thing is you get to choose what to share, so you don't have to feel self conscious or uncomfortable. We all have something we can chat about and make ourselves more real for our audience, for example:

  • Diet and exercise

  • Family and pets

  • Friends and places

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Share a huge win or loss

  • Stories and anecdotes

  • Prepare something for Awareness Days

  • See what and who is trending on social media

  • Post your opinions

  • Quotes and memes

Share content that resonates with your target market and the sort of person you want to work with. You can make it a relevant metaphor for your business or you can just post for personal engagement.


Write an attention grabbing headline, like STOP SCROLLING, or I NEED OT TELL YOU THIS, or 7 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO ..


At the end of every post, consider how you sign each one off and always ask your audience to take action because this encourages engagement.

For example:

  • Follow a link to a relevant page on your website

  • Sign up to your blog

  • Purchase your lead magnet

  • Pop their thoughts in your comments

  • Share the post with someone relevant

  • Tag someone relevant

  • Implement whatever it is you've just told them

  • Competitions, polls surveys

TIP: Remember that each time you create a post, think about it's purpose - what is your goal for posting it? Do you want engagement, clicks to your website, to make sales .. ?


Hashtags help you reach a wider audience. Make them relevant to your context, keep them short and use a mixture of common and less common.


Planning your content

I like to organise my social media content in an excel spreadsheet for each month, there I can add inspiration or great content ideas that pop into my head, so I can use them when I come to create my content for that week.


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Claire x



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